Best serial killer films or series?

Recently I got hooked on the Mindhunter series, so much so that I watched both seasons twice. Are there any old or very under the radar films or series on serial killers that are really good?

Of course I know the obvious ones like Silence of the Lambs, The Deliberate Stranger, etc. Looking for more under the radar ones that have been mostly forgotten.

One of my older faves is Pretty Maids All In A Row.

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    Silence of the Lambs and the other Hannibal Lecter films might be the closest to Mindhunter in nature since they concentrate on the FBI profiling killers. In addition to Silence of the Lambs I might recommend the pre-Silence film Manhunter which features Will Graham, the man who caught Lecter, consulting with him on a serial killer case. They remade it as Red Dragon a few years ago.

    In terms of an under the radar one, I'd recommend Frailty which stars, and was directed by Bill Paxton. In the film, Paxton is this ordinary guy who one day tells his kids that he's received a message from God that he's supposed to "destroy" "demons". It's told from the POV of his eldest son, who is skeptical, and it's this fascinating study of this boy trying to deal with the fact that his dad is a serial killer.

    More well known, but still excellent, is Zodiac. It's largely based on a true crime book by San Francisco cartoonist Robert Graysmith, who is one of the main characters. Graysmith was a political cartoonist at a San Francisco newspaper when the Zodiac killings happened in the late 60s. Years later he wrote probably the most popular and influential book on the case, which has never been solved. The film also never definitively solves the killings, although it does lay out Graysmith's theory of the crime and seems to hint that it's true. Ultimately what makes it unusual and interesting is that it's less about the crimes themselves and more about the obsessions of the various people investigating the case. The killer really only appears in one scene in the film and they don't even show the first set of murders which can be attributed to him. Instead it follows Graysmith, a crime reporter at his paper, and San Francisco police detective David Toschi as their lives are negatively impacted by their obsession with the case.

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    the ones of the lbgt, like monster(2003) or dahmer(2002)

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    I loved Citizen X, about a serial killer in the 80s Soviet Union. Based on true story.

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    Zodiac (2007)

    In Cold Blood (1967)Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019)

    Monster (2003)

    The Frozen Ground (2013)

    Deranged (1974)

    Texas Killing Fields (2011)

    Snowtown (2011)

    To Catch a Killer (1992)

    There are of course tons of serial killer movies out there, but these are based on real cases/killers and approach the subject with the same eye for realism and psychology as Mindhunter.  Well, except Deranged, which gets a bit too "horror movie" at times but is otherwise a rather accurate account of Ed Gein.

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    peeping tom

    Henry: a portrait of a serial killer


    Eyes of Laura mars

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    seven was pretty good it has brad pitt

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    Nasty Necrophiliacs 7 - it's a porno series where guys have hot sex with sexy corpse girls but after 6 movies they ran out of corpses so they had to go kill fresh corpses by murdering them.

  • The Fall (TV series) gets a bit far-fetched later in the series, but is still pretty good.

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    I strongly suggest watching Hannibal (tv series), starring Mads Mikkelson.

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