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physics issues?

The pattern below is detected on a screen 10π‘š away from some unknown

number of slits. If the wavelength of the light is 500π‘›π‘š, the distance between

primary maxima is 1π‘šπ‘š, and the distance between primary and secondary

maxima is . 5π‘šπ‘š, what’s the distance between the slits? You may use the small

angle approximation.

A) 2.5π‘šπ‘š

B) 5π‘šπ‘š

C) 10π‘šπ‘š

D) 1π‘π‘š

E) 5𝑐m

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    Answer is distance between first secondary and fourth secondary maximum, thus is evaluated as 2.5mm.


    Formula is (0.5)mm * (6).

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