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what are good films ?

what are good films on real men

does fighting make you a man 

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Fighting doesn't make a person a man, but I do believe that "a good man" protects women, and is willing to fight. I'm not speaking of being a lover of violence, but having a heart to defend and protect.... that's what I consider to be a good man. Even if a man is weak, a man who at least tries to protect is worth something. There are plenty of movies with men, but not all movies have good men in them, what men should be. Same can be said for women too though. A man being compassionate is still manly, but a man that is a basket case is a bit of a turn off, to me at least.

    There are several definitions of basket case, but the definition I'm speaking of is: a person unable to function and cope because of emotional disturbance

    ^ Such a person is still a man, but appears to be ill equipped. Men ideally should be a source of stability, not instability.

  • let me guess and you are 13-16 years old,?.... I know plenty of what i would call good films, but not so sure what you mean by "real men" ..

  • 4 weeks ago

    No, generally, fighting makes you a moron. That is unless fighting is very necessary.

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