Do you want to become a professional chef?

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  • 10 months ago

    in a sense yes because i love to cook and i work as a cook but at the same time no because i've worked under many head chefs in my state/island a lot of them take so many shortcuts it's ridiculous such as buying pre made salads instead of making it from scratch ( literally isn't hard to buy the head of lettuce, wash it, and cut it.) time consuming but not hard.

    biggest concern is a lot of them are overly stressed if you ever worked in the field on a extremely busy night you will see how hectic the cooks can get it's not an easy job very laborous and fast paced. every customer is basically a food critique now days as well so you need to make sure everything is perfect. i've cooked medium rare steaks to medium rare and had it sent back because it was too rare for the customer, over cooked steaks, under cooked em, etc.. i've made a LOT of mistakes over my career for me personally i hate it nobody wants there food to get sent back to me i look at it as im a failure but in the long run it has helped me become a better cook.

    i live in Hawaii on Oahu if you ever come and visit the food here is mediocre at best. it's not amazing and it won't WOO you. on other islands such as on Maui i've had better food. i've worked at a couple restaurants here featured on dinners drive ins and dives and the food is not amazing. typically the food at these restaurants are just cheap and plentiful outside of that when i made the food and saw how it was prepared i wasn't amazed.

    the work is stressful and laborous which i dislike about the field but outside of that i enjoy it. pay is always an issue especially here due to cost of living and hours always gonna suck. thats why if i ever become good to the point i consider myself a chef then imma open my own restaurant and change the way people see food here. im tired of all this half @ss mediocre shortcut mfers. good food takes time and patience to make not just simply opening up a fking bag of lettuce and tossing it on a plate and selling it to a customer. you wouldn't imagine how many companies i worked for that so sloppy shet like that here.

  • 10 months ago

    No, but I wouldn't mind having one work for me, if I won the lottery. One can only dream.

  • 10 months ago

    That is not my cup of tea

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