Where to go at the end of my honeymoon?

My partner and I are getting married next year and we are going to Canada for four weeks, we are taking a total of five weeks off, we were originally thinking going to New York for a few days and then flying to San Fransisco for a few days but we think with the extra cost of flights and only being in both cities for 3 days each might be abit rushed.. so we were considering instead going to Hawaii for a week which is also on the way home (we live in Australia)  good choice to change to Hawaii or is New York and San Fran better?

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  • drip
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    9 months ago

    You will spend an entire day of traveling from NYC to San Francisco

    . Pick two cities that are closer together   It depends on where in Canada you are. If you are in the east, think about Chicago and Washington  DC. If you are West  San Francisco - make sure to go to Muir’s woods. Redwood forest.

    Would you be flying back home directly from the US?  Then I would look at airports times and prices for your flight.

    Just me personally, I don’t care for NYC. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Anywhere you wish...

  • David
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    10 months ago

    Marriage guidance counsellor.

  • 10 months ago

    Will you be staying in Western Canada mostly or the east?  If you are already on the eastern side of the continent then the NYC (or DC!) and SF idea is not a bad one.  Any of the 3 cities will offer enough to cover a week or you can split time.  Each has it's pro's and con's (yes, there are issues in SF as there are in most big cities, to deny that is foolish).

    I have never been to Hawaii but it might provide a nice break on the trip home and be a bit of relaxation after what will likely be a busy previous few weeks.

    Ultimately it will depend on how you plan your itinerary and how much time you are willing to spend in the air and at the airport.

    WT has some very helpful reminders about ESTA, etc and it looks like all the other answers will give you enough to chew on in order to make the best choice.


    Have a wonderful honeymoon and a beautiful life together!

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  • Foofa
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    10 months ago

    This kind of depends on what kind of trip you're hoping to have. NYC and SF are bustling cities where you'd probably want to be out running around and doing a lot of sight seeing. Hawaii can be busy if you choose to take a bunch of tours and hike and such. But it also offers a more relaxing vibe should you just want to lay around. Coming from Australia the Hawaiian beaches aren't going to be that different from what you've got at home though. So just consider how busy you want to be.

  • MS
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    10 months ago

    I would not split your time between NYC and San Francisco - you'll eat up a lot of that week with travel.  Both are good cities for short visits though.  You might want to consider a trip down the California coast - start in San Francisco or San Diego and work your way to the other before flying home.  You can see 3 cities (LA is between them), some beautiful scenery, relax at the beach, etc.  It still wouldn't give you much time in any one city though, and might be a busier week than you'd like.  Hawaii is always a nice choice in my opinion.  Plenty of things to do, but also easy to just kick back and take it easy for a few days. 

  • 10 months ago

    What time of year? Hawaii is very romantic. But it can be very hot and humid the summer. If you're going fall through spring, I recommend Hawaii. Even in December, you can snorkel. New York is another busy, frenetic city. There's plenty to do there, but it's not all that distinctive. San Francisco is much more interesting- there's no place else quite like it. Don't believe W.T Door. He's a known conservative and they love spreading lies about what they see as "liberal" cities.

    BTW, it's a great idea to break the trip back in Hawaii. I hadn't thought of that. I've been putting off going to Australia because I didn't think I could stand the long flight. I'll have to look in to stopping over in Hawaii. I love Hawaii!

  • 10 months ago

    I agree just three days in a big city is almost pointless unless all you want are a few photos of you at famous landmarks.

    The Democrat mayor of San Francisco is flooding the city with tens of thousands of street people who are mentally ill, addicted to alcohol, addicted to drugs, and often all three.


    Unless you have a specific reason for wanting to visit NYC then I actually suggest visiting Washington DC if you have not been there before. All of the Smithsonian's museums are free and even the Washington zoo is free. Any hotel will do as long as it's close to a metro stop. Try to fly into Washington National airport (DCA) instead of Dulles airport (IAD). DCA is almost downtown and is on the metro while IAD is a long way from the city center and the metro does not go there.


    If you have been to Washington DC or don't want to go there then yes, Hawaii would be a good choice for breaking your trip on the way home.

    When you fly from Canada to the USA you will probably clear US Immigration and Customs in Canada before you board the flight. It is called US Pre Clearance and it's very convenient but you do need to get to the airport three hours before departure instead of two hours.



    Australian citizens need a Canadian eTA to to enter Canada by air:


    Australian citizens need an ESTA to enter or transit the USA by air:


    Check with your medical insurance to find out if it covers you in Canada and the USA plus covers medical transportation to home if needed. If no or not sure then get travel medical insurance. Your airline will sell it.

    A friend slipped while on a walking tour in Ireland and twisted her knee badly. She did not have TMI so not only did she have to pay for medical treatment but she had to pay $5000 for an upgrade to First Class because her leg was in a full-length cast and she wouldn't fit in a Business or Economy Class seat.

    Best wishes!

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