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What is the song Send In The Clowns about ?

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    10 months ago
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    The song is from Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music. A woman, Desiree, who had been romantically involved with a gentleman, Frederik, for years but had routinely turned him down for marriage, years later meets up with him again and she has changed her mind and pursues him, but he is married and refuses to leave his wife for her.

    The song reflects her hurt and pain at being rejected and realizing how she had missed her opportunity.

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    Indon t know. Maybe it is about the family of Donald Trump?

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    When I googled... Send in the Clowns meaning... here is what showed up....She then sings Send in the Clowns. In this case, “clowns” is used as a synonym for fools. It's a song of regret, reflection and, even, anger. Rather than a weepy or sentimental song, it is a sung by an older, experienced woman reflecting on the mistakes she's made in her life.

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    It's from a Broadway musical. It's sung by an actress reflecting on her lost loves. One in particular. When he proposed to get she turned him down. Now she wants him and he turns her down. The references are to theatrical sayings, not a circus.

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  • 10 months ago

    The "clowns" in the title do not refer to circus clowns. Instead, they symbolize fools, as Sondheim explained in a 1990 interview:

    I get a lot of letters over the years asking what the title means and what the song's about; I never thought it would be in any way esoteric. I wanted to use theatrical imagery in the song, because she's an actress, but it's not supposed to be a circus [...]. It's a theater reference meaning "if the show isn't going well, let's send in the clowns"; in other words, "let's do the jokes." I always want to know, when I'm writing a song, what the end is going to be, so "Send in the Clowns" didn't settle in until I got the notion, "Don't bother, they're here", which means that "We are the fools."

    In a 2008 interview, Sondheim further clarified:

    As I think of it now, the song could have been called "Send in the Fools". I knew I was writing a song in which Desirée is saying, "aren't we foolish" or "aren't we fools?" Well, a synonym for fools is clowns, but "Send in the Fools" doesn't have the same ring to it.

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    just another boomer song. they are all about sex and drugs

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    There ought to be clowns.

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