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What is the best way to meet girlswhen travelling Thailand? 28 year old NewZealander travelling Thailand for June and July . (somewhat shy)?

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  • 10 months ago

    There will be lots of opportunities, but it depends if you are looking for something serious, or just a summer hook up. If you're just looking for something temporary, then it's easy but it will cost you somewhat as many of these girls make a living by entertaining men or being their temporary girlfriend. If you're going to be taking this route, negotiate a price before going further and remember it is after all a business deal. Don't be surprised if the girl ends up asking for more as you progress into your "relationship" (but you should be prepared for this and kindly remind her that you've already negotiated a deal). Bear in mind you will most likely be expected to completely cover food, transport, accommodation, etc.

    If you're looking for a good honest girl, whether she is Thai or not, it's not going to happen over night. Remember that a good girl with morals won't be prepared to drop everything and just hang out with you for a couple months!

  • Jason
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    10 months ago

    Do yourself a favour, the best place to meet up with women is by staying at hostels, they always have group activities going on and do their best to get all involved. You will soon be chatting away to many a girl/woman and the rest is up to you. It still works for me even at my age, as there are plenty of mature travellers out there now all looking for some fun.

    Don't waste your time on an old Thai Brass, it will lure you in and take you for as much as you can afford to part with, if you just want quickie sex, then do all you like at the massage parlours or take short time. Don't get involved like you see those old fat westeners with thier younger whores....

  • Emdog
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    10 months ago

    I assume you are looking for a hooker. If you go that route keep in front of your mind that you are the amateur and they are the pros at separating you from your money, that they are master psychologists are reading naive men.

    If you are looking for a good traditional girl, you will have to put the effort in just like back home.

    "Believe nothing, trust no one" not a bad attitude to take for newbies.

    Why would anyone travel thousands of miles to hang out with folks like from back home (places like Khao San Road) seems like a waste of time and money IMO

  • 10 months ago

    Just go out at night in Bangkok or beach resorts, to certain areas which all people know of. You will have a great time.

    As someone says above, lady-boys are a problem - if you suspect so, walk away. They are very convincing in how they speak.

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  • james
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    10 months ago

    For what? On line works. 95% are scammers there. If there get in a trike & say boom boom yumm yum girls. 300 to get to them for trike fare. Prices today are more Government regulated. Under age girls forget them. All hotels must report how long your there with them & what company you kept. To the Government. On the other hand if you meet a nice Thi lady you are in for the delight of your life. Most will have nothing to do with a farling! So it is 1 in a 1,000 you will. I did manage that once. She turned into a guide, travel companion, friend. Slept at her own house. Only had one problem with her. Took her on a coast cruse. She puked over the rail all day. & swore I even tried to put her on a boat again she would tromp me to death. As a farling there are the entertainment areas. They want all the money you have & then you need wire home for more for them. Avoid those. But easy to find. I even offered the good one I met to bring her to America. She turned me down. Said she wanted a good Thi husband. She did finally find one.

  • 10 months ago

    Are you asking for other tourists traveling in Thailand or are you asking about Thai girls? There is a big difference. Most Thai girls are interested in making money to support them and their family including any kids she may have. Money talks in Thailand and she will love you for a long time. At least as long as you are in Thailand.

    I could give you more information once I know what you are looking for.

    Meeting other tourists is not that hard. Just go to the popular spots that foreigners go to. Khao San Road is a good place to meet. Along with the cheap boarding houses. You will also see them in some of the clubs in Bangkok and other big tourist areas like Koa Sumai and Phuket.


    Live in Thailand.

  • 10 months ago

    wouldn't recommend it, bro..

    there are girls who prey on men of your sort..

    the best scenarios is when they guide you to a bar where a glass of water cost a lot of $$$ - 4x to x10 times more expensive than elsewhere; and that's the best case scenario of such scams..

    you do not want to know the worst case scenarios..

    success stories that i know of were stories of foreigners working side-to-side with local girls for months and years that lead to a marriage..

    Thai girls are not easy in nature; for the most part they are loyal to their families, care about their parents and care about their approval (which is not an easy feat to get the parents approval)..

    however, like i said.. there are girls who prey on men of your sort which money and materialistic gifts are their main concern.. if that is not an issue for you? then any clubhouse, bathhouse, massage-parlor and any bar in Thailand will do..

    do not be the only foreigner visiting such places..

  • 10 months ago

    Do you want to meet girls because you think it's easy to exploit them for sex? Or because you want a relationship? Girls in Thailand are still sold into sexual slavery by their parents. If that's ok with you-- well, that's pretty disgusting. If you really want to meet Thai girls, I would suggest going to the upscale mall in Bangkok. I saw hundreds of young Thai women eating in the restaurants in the food court. Ask them what you should order, or to help with the menus.

  • 10 months ago

    Don’t bother. Most Thai girls are ladyboys, meaning they have a penis and female breasts.

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Lots of nice girls hanging out in bars and bathhouses in Thailand. Be careful, though... Some of those girls aren't actually girls.

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