How do I get an inside sales job?

Is it possible to get an corporate sales job with an aa degree ? I looked on indeed for inside sales and found a lot of retail associate jobs. How do I find jobs that are inside corporate sales ? I don't want jobs that are telemarketing or selling magazine subscriptions.

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    1 year ago
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    With only an AA Degree, your career advancements will be mostly based on job experience. Basically, starting at the bottom. There are "corporate" sales positions that will hire with a high school diploma, however will also require a few years of previous experience. Have you considered insurance sales? Before I went to college I worked as an Agent for Nationwide for a couple of years where the starting salary was $39,000 per year. Not bad for only having a high school diploma at the time. I also worked as a Real Estate Agent on the side which helped me make about another $20,000 per year.Just keep in mind that an AA Degree doesn't put you in a super competitive position. Even people with bachelors degrees often start on the bottom rung. In reality, you should have been taking unpaid internships while you were still in school to start building professional relationships. My guess is that you are looking for a job where you can wear a suit and have a corporate lunch, however the only thing that's going to get you there with an AA degree is going to be job experience. 

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    By "corporate sales" do you mean B2B (business to business) sales? No, you do not do sales at that level as "inside sales." Inside sales are retail & telemarketing - that's about it.

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