Motorcycle transmission mods?

I have a 2018 Honda CB500F bike and it has a manual transmission. I love my riding and have got the manual transmission and two brakes down. However, I was shot twice by a home intruder earlier this year. One of the bullets hit my neck/shoulder on my right side. Therefore, I am unable to preform delicate tasks like accelerating and front braking due to nerve damage. I would only be able to hold on with this hand. Could I mod the bike or should I get a bike already equipped with an automatic transmission such as the Honda NC700X? I would need the acceleration and brake moved to my left side. Are these mods feasible? I would not want to spend more than a couple thousand. What’s it like riding an automatic? Should I get a bike equipped/moded with a combined braking system for added safety?/ability to use with foot.

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  • 1 year ago

    Check with VA and see if they have reference to motorcycle assistance shop. One mod for many japanese bikes is a tank shift lever that also has clutch - whatever hand available grips top and pulls clutch lever, then shifts back or forward- more often fro left foot amputees. left side handle bars can have left throttle and clutch lever, secondary brake lever from right side sometimes. Usually the brakes ar slightly modified- right side foot brake has a secondary cable to front brake- often one of the 2 disc brakew will then be activated with the rear brake. This setup is stock on some MotoGuzzi models, some BMW parts fro front brake used at times on conversion - the brake master cylinder that was mounted on upper part of front frame tube and short cable from the handlebar lever to engage- the parts seem made for the add on conversions to have one of front brake disc set up for engage with back brake pedal. Have a foot that can do some of hand work will mean weak hand may not be needed. Moto Guzzi police special with automatic transmission was also sold as 850 California to civilians - had large alternator but came with dual seat, no red lights- had electrical power for sound system and fog lights, could have left side throttle- a feature of some police bikes so officer could use pistol and control bike speed. Electric solenoid /relay for clutch so can be done with thumb- haven't seen one but was told about it at shop that does some of conversions for vets and some other amputees- parts were modeled after old VW Auto Stick shift with the electric solenoid clutch. .

  • Ron
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    1 year ago

    Plenty of people mod their bikes like that. You just have to find a place that does it.

  • 1 year ago

    You can re-engineer anything with enough time and money, butcha don't got enough money. Buy a bike with the features you want, or, a lot of injured riders go to trikes.

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