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I want to move in with my cousins?

I am thinking of moving in with my uncle/aunt/cousins because they live better lives than I do living with my parents. My life is about cities, school, seriousness, and their lives are about farms, ranches, animals, country, socializing. In December, they are going to Texas (one of my favorite places) for like the 50th time and I am so jealous of them because I have only gone there twice! They go to Texas more than I do because they have family there and I don't (my uncle is married to my aunt by marriage and they had kids and my aunt by marriage is the one with family in Texas. No one in my maternal family is in or from Texas)! I have family in Colorado and so do my cousins and have gone there many times but I like Texas way better! I also don't know why my cousins' family never invite me to go to Texas with them. I hate the way my life is and wish I had their lives! I feel like a misfit and people just don't understand. How do I discuss this with my parents?

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago

    i would just ask your parents, you might need their permission to do that

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your parents probably do love you and know you more than your extended family, your aunt uncle and cousins while they may like seeing you sometimes, living with them is a whole other ball game, living with someone is nothing like visiting someone believe me.

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    2 months ago

    yeah okay...good luck with that

  • blank
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    2 months ago

    IF you have talked to no one about this .... you need to. Are your uncle folks WILLING to let you move in with them? Have you spent ANY time living with them other than family vacation/visits?

    Remember, the grass is always greener has relevance. Everyone LOVES to vacay - and destinations are ALWAYS more fun than "home life" because you get to step away from majority of your responsibilites.

    Ranch / farm life is HARD. LOTS of work, sun up to sun down. If your uncle owns and operates the farm, I bet your cousings are expected to pitch in with everything, including hard labor.

    Maybe ask if you can spend a summer with them, just you. No parents. After three months you will have a better sense of what the daily "grind" is like and if you will take to it.

    Suggest this because you story reads like an idellic fantasy of how much better their life is compared to yours. You may find it ain't all that great on their side. Good Luck.

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  • 2 months ago

    You discuss it with them by discussing it. Be open with them about how you feel. Communicate honestly. That's how.

  • 2 months ago

    Your parents love you a lot more than your aunt, uncle and cousins.

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