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What are the definitions of primal and sliver?

She let him hold her. At first, there was a slight stiffness to her posture. It was as if a piece of her still expected to be hurt—a primal sliver that couldn't understand that it was possible to be touched out of love rather than anger.

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    primal refers to the primitive nature of a living being especially humans, the wild animal aspect. Sliver is definitely intended (it was as if a piece of her..), because sliver means a small piece, a splinter or thin needle or similar.

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  • John P
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    8 months ago

    In that context - and note "in that context", not universally, the expression "primal shiver" (I assume you made a spelling mistake since "sliver" makes no sense there) means the sort of shaking feeling which comers from very basic instincts. If the original text used "sliver" then there was a typo in that text, or the writer used extremely strange language.

    A "sliver" in the USA is the same as a "splinter" in Britain - a small piece of wood which has got just under your skin and which thus hurts.

    • LadyLyannaMormont
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      I can see “sliver” working there — “a piece of her”. It would mean that some very small part of her, some very old evolutionary instinct that recognizes only base emotions.

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