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When they say, “you are the creator/god of your reality”, could that be a literal thing?

I mean literally can you become a God? Where you have the power to manifest and do anything in this physical reality? Other things such as, fly, teleport, never die or die if you choose, walk through walls etc. I’m thinking you could do this through meditation of becoming more aware. But eventually you become so aware of this reality that you would reach your true self, you would become I AM, your soul would have reached its true purpose so reincarnation would not be needed for you anymore. But this would probably take 100+ years of hardcore meditation.

Its like how they say this physical reality is a dream. When you dream in your sleep, you lack control of the dream because your unaware. But then when you become aware your lucid dreaming, then you have complete control over the dream and you can do literally anything. Same thing in this physical reality/dream, you lack control because your unaware, that’s why some things are physically impossible for you. But then when you become aware of this dream/your physical reality, you have complete control over your reality, and in that sense you would become a God.

But that’s just my theory though do you think it’s possible?

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    Yes and no. You have some very good points but you are all mixed up. You have Buddism, Hinduism, and Christianity all together. Realizing your True Self is Hindu and not Buddhist. Anyway, as to your question. When someone says that you create your own reality, if they know what they are talking about, they are talking about the fact that your perceptions; sight, sound, touch, etc. are really all in your mind. They are outside of you also, but your perceptions are all created by your miund from the raw data of your sense organs. That is all it means. You are not God and yes there is only one God.

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    No. Your mind creates the reality you live in. It creates your response and perspective. It creates your degree of suffering and happiness.

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    Ex Buddhist your karma is the creator according to Buddhism

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    There is only one true God and creator. His name is JHVH in Hebrew. (In English : Jehovah)

    Source(s): Bible
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    That is a warped way of avoiding the reality of the one Being of God who created you. It is a distortion of the way God made you, in His image and likeness, for the moment you think to become a god through your own efforts and imagining, you have distorted the image of God you were created in. The key point here is that your Creator is uncreated and has always existed and always will, while you are created and one day you will die. You cannot imagine yourself into a state you were not created in, or changed into by your Creator.

    Here are some profound points about your Creator, the one Being of God who created everything. Before creation, God related to himself in two ways: God knew himself and God loved himself, that is, esteemed and delighted in himself. In knowing himself, he begot the Son, the perfect, full and complete personal image of himself. [e.g. Heb 1:3, Col 1:15, Phil 2:6, 2 Cor 4:4, Jn 1:1] In loving himself, the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son.

    It is not surprising, therefore, that when God created human beings in his own image, we would have capacities to know and love, and that the highest function of our knowing and loving would be to know and love God. It would not be surprising if the more clearly and deeply we know him, and the more authentically and intensely we love him, the more we could glorify him as the sum of all truth and beauty.

    What emerges, then, from the Trinitarian life of God is the profound truth that our capacities to know God and love God are rooted in that very Trinitarian nature. Since we are given these capacities of knowing and loving God in order to glorify God, our aim should be to use both – knowing and loving – as fully as we can to make much of his truth and beauty and worth.

    Knowing and delighting are essential to who God is. Human beings have these same capacities. God’s ultimate purposes in giving them to us is that we might reflect and magnify his beauty and worth by knowing and delighting in him. That is what worship is: truly knowing, duly enjoying, and thus showing the worth and beauty of God. God’s Trinitarian Being consists not in either knowing or delighting, but in both. He knows and he delights from all eternity, or he is not God.

    You and I know this divine reality when we enter into praise and worship of our Creator. That is when we fulfil our highest potential as human beings and then, with that obedient love, we will enter into eternity in the presence of our holy, eternal Creator. But what you are thinking about will be the opposite from that - alienation as you strive to do your own thing and be your own god. That was the satanic lie in Eden that legged our first parents down. They had already been created in the image and likeness of God but were lured into the idea of becoming more than that - becoming as God through disobeying Him. It ended in tears. Be warned.

    Source(s): Expository Exultation pp 93-96 John Piper (Crossway 2018)
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    There's a better chance of convincing my girlfriend to do butt stuff than your god being real

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    Do you want to discuss religion or fantasy?

  • if that was true, you really suck at it,because we all crash and burn occassionally

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    You can test it out for yourself by running at full speed into a brick wall. This exercise will prove to you that reality is exactly the way we perceive it to be.

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    In my world, I am god.

    You just live in it. Don't mess it up.

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