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Living in Quantico VA or Washington DC?? Which is better in your opinion?

FBI just offered me a job to live in either of those two states. Which is an better option in terms of quality of living?

Wondering before making a decision at the end of the month

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    DC is neither a city nor a state. It is a Federal District, hence District of Columbia. The FBI Headquarters is located at 935 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20535. I would suggest Silver Spring Maryland to the north. I was scouting out housing in that area when I was being considered for a position with ICC in DC. BTW, Washington Metro Rail Red Line runs from Silver Spring to DC, so no driving required.

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    And you will be working for the FBI? God help us.

    Washington DC is not a state.

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    Just FYI, Washington DC isn't a state. It's a city.

    It really depends on what you conisder a good "quality of living." Some people like the convenience of being right in a big city and enjoy all that a city offers. Some people would prefer the quiet of a more suburban or rural area, even if it means fewer conveniences.

    Quantico offers a lot to see and do, and is in a convenient location. It's probably a bit more affordable and definitely more family-friendly.

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    The cost of living in Washington DC from what I've heard is a better cure for constipation than ExLax......

    Virginia is supposed to be slightly quieter and more family friendly if you've got that to deal with outside work.

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