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Grizzly bear is capable of being conscious killer?

Is the bear brain capable of planning stalking and ambush a human being? Like he waits for the time a human exist his/her shelter and attack by surprise.

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    They are capable and have been known to hold a grudge against particular people. They certainly can plan a hunt and regularly do it where elk or large herbivores calf and know where to go for the very best spot to catch salmon. It isn't instinct. They know when the salmon runs happen. They are smart and aware of their surroundings. There is a silly, in my opinion, notion that you can't have rational thought without the words or language to describe it so the circular logic is they can't think. There are few other animals capable of much planning but there is a terrifying story of how a Siberian tiger took revenge on a guy who stole his pig. Cape buffalo and elephants are also known to extract revenge on particular people. It isn't exactly your question, holding a grudge, but it is the best example I can think of that proves some animals can consciously kill if they can hold a grudge. You can think without words or language. It is just hard to communicate your thoughts to others. Many scientists and other people can't get past that lack of language but I am pretty sure it is because our brains have language skills so powerfully integrated into our thoughts that we equate language with intelligence. It don't think that is logically true at all, that intelligence requires words, just communicating it.

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  • geezer
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    8 months ago

    A bear would probably only 'stalk and kill' a person who they could already see, or who they already knew was there.

    They wouldn't 'plan ahead' and hide .. to 'ambush' a person who happened to walk by.

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  • Ray
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    8 months ago

    of course, many animals including lizards, amphibians, birds and mammals can plan an attack this way. If they know an animal [human] hides in their home, they will wait for the human to come out.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    They are opportunistic, solitarty hunters. They do not "plan" any hunt. They will kill any potential prey they come across instead. Pack hunters, such as lions, chimps, dolphins, whales, and wolves, do plan their attacks. They wait until the best time to launch their hunt, and they coordinate with each other when hunting. Some members of a pack may flush a prey animal towards other members waiting to pounce for example. Such strategy does not work for solitary hunters.

    Grizzlies need to fatten up for winter, so they don't waste time planning attacks. They simply eat whatever they come across, whether it is carrion, garbage or plants. If they meet humans, they have to figure out whether it is dangerous to hunt us. If they think it is dangerous, then they will go in another direction. If they are desperately hungry then they may ignore any possible danger we may pose because the danger of starvation may outweigh the danger a prey animal may pose.

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes, but only when hungry and killing for food. What stalking they do is poking around streams for fish.

    The only time any bear may try to attack a human is defensive if they feel threatened or startled.

    They simply don't compare to human,,no wild animal does.

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  • 8 months ago

    Yes. Bears are extremely smart and have very keen perception. They don't have a brain like we do, capable of thinking things through and planning and manipulating their environment to set a trap like we can. We can create a multitude of ways to kill something, bears can't. But they are still extremely smart and are a very formidable for in a fight. And they can be quite ingenious. I hunt black bear and been grizzly hunting once. I have had bears explore my campsites at night and I've been spotted on my tree stand and shot a bear who came up my tree. Bear ain't afraid to approach or even just attack us during the day, but prefer to hunt humans at night. Polar bears are well known for being one of the few animals that actively hunt humans as a food source. Bear prefer simple easy tactics but are definitely capable of plotting their hunt. I only hunted a grizzly once because they will hunt and eat us if they were in the mood, and they sometimes can tell when they are being hunted and will lure a human into a trap or ambush their camp and even lead trackers in a circle, and suddenly youre tracking a bear who is tracking you.

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  • 8 months ago

    The concept involves premeditation.

    So much of animal behavior is instinctive

    that planning is difficult to prove.

    There is no doubt that many animals employ

    tools which they fashion and save which

    requires premeditation. This also includes


    Your grizzly bear scenario is not supported by

    any evidence, and seems unlikely.

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