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Can someone give me specific scholarships links or government grants for my son a Senior to apply for colleges?

He has a good Total Weighted GPA of a 4.03. I don’t like those links has a whole bunch of scholarships where you have to write essays or enter into drawing etc. Just the links that you can enter your financial info and my son’s personal information what he did in school to qualify for a scholarship.

We are going to need as much scholarships as we can get for his college.

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  • Laurie
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    10 months ago

    Check with the Financial Aid office of the school(s) he is considering. They will guide you.

    Also check with civic organizations (like Kiwanis or the NAACP), professional organizations (like the FFA or the National Society of Accountants), charitable foundations (like the Gates Foundation), subject-oriented organizations (like the National Science Foundation), cultural organizations (like the German-American Society), service organizations (like the DAR), and churches... and more.

    Applying for serious financial aid is a serious, time-consuming job. It is WORK. No matter what some people will tell you, there is no one application that covers everything. You must be very organized, and be sure to meet all deadlines and application requirements, and to keep track of the names and dates of everyone to whom you speak.

    Often, the FAFSA and ACT/SAT score will trigger scholarship offers administered by the school... but for the others, you may have to apply individually to each organization.

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  • 10 months ago

    honestly, i think it would be best for him to contact his guidance counselor.

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  • Eva
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    10 months ago

    Do the FAFSA application which is required for any financial aid. As for the rest of them, he has to put forth some effort in order to convince the powers that be that he's worth their investment. If that means writing some essays, so be it.

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  • 10 months ago

    Uh yeah, get your son to fill out his FAFSA

    He may be eligible for other grants.

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