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Ok so I have a question!!! If I didn’t pay for a semester say the summer semester will I get financial aid in the fall term?

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    Only if you apply for financial aid in the fall, and it will NOT pay your summer term tuition and fees. The college or university will NOT release your transcripts until that tuition is paid. You need to work out a payment plan with the bursar's office.

    There are one, 2, or possibly 3 summer terms depending on whether the college /school or university has a semester or quarter academic calendar. There are also intersession terms.

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    You can apply for aid but the school will prevent you from registering for fall classes until your summer tuition bill is paid. Any financial aid they receive will be applied to your summer tuition first and anything remaining will be used for the fall semester.

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  • 10 months ago

    Chances are that your non-payment of the summer term will result in 1st, NO CREDIT for your summer term, and 2nd, a block on your fall terms registration.

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