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Housing benefits?

I was wondering if anyone is in a similar position to me or works for a local council that could help me work out a benefits entitlement? I’m 21, a full time disabled student claiming PIP standard rate daily living. I also get student finance maintenance about £8,900 a year. I’ve recently had to move to a one bedroom flat as with my disability I need my own space as last academic year I did a house share and this did not fit my needs. My rent is now very expensive at £1,300 a month, and as I claim PIP I’ve read I can claim housing benefit. Does anyone else have similar income and claim housing benefit? How much of your rent do you get paid? Are you also claiming any other benefits? Its private renting and the LHA is £211 a week. Thanks

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    Generally, full time students don't get housing benefits.

    You'll need to speak directly to the local council to see what, if anything, you'd be eligible to claim.

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