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Terrified of wisdom teeth surgery?

So,I’m getting my wisdom teeth surgery on Wednesday and I’m absolutely petrified.At 25 years old I’ve never had any surgery or any big medical procedures done,blood work at the most.Ive never had an iv,never had to be put to sleep for anything,I’m terrified of needles.I constantly have a knot in my stomach and I can’t stop thinking about it,is anyone able to reassure me?

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    The most important thing for you to do is talk to your dentist about being scared or worried. They get told this on a daily basis and are trained to help calm you or teach what they are going to do. I made mine explain to me right before and I felt so much better. Just remember, you shouldn't feel pain just pressure. Similar to a teeth cleaning in my opinion. Numbing medication will help. Make sure to eat soft foods for a few days after and drink plenty of fluids. Good luck dear.

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      I’m afraid I’m going to be even more freaked out when they tell me what they will be doing and I won’t make it easy on them.Whenever I get a needle,I always pull away or push them away

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    You will be fine, with meds afterwards, a few days you will

    Be good to go........💗

    "The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths." ~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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    I had mine removed when I was about 19. I was CONSCIOUSLY sedated (with pills), and I was nervous because I HATE the dentist. My dentist reassured me that I wouldn't remember it, that most people fall asleep. I remember being in the waiting room, nervous because I didn't feel any different (I had taken the pill an hour before). The receptionist let me take another one. After that, I only remembered the dentist saying "okay, we're going to stitch you up now". I remember nothing from the rest of the day. The days to follow were much worse than the actual "surgery". They give you a prescription for the pain, just make sure to stay on the soft diet as long as they ask. I think it might be nice to have full sedation, because they can snap you out of it better. It makes you nervous, but then it's over. You'll feel so much better after you've conquered it!

    PS, I really enjoyed eating KFC mashed potatoes and gravy as I recovered :)

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    Do you mean Wisdom tooth extraction? It had all four extracted at the same time when I was about twenty years old. Only the area of extraction was numbed up. It's not a big medical procedure. It takes less time than a routine filling.

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    I had my wisdom teeth taken out when I was 19. I was still under my parent's insurance so I can't tell you how it went and I was fully put under. Some people do not have that luxury or refuse it and instead choose to use local anesthetics.

    You will not feel anything during the procedure if you are awake, it might feel weird or awkward but it shouldn't *hurt*. During the days after you will experience tooth pains so I would not count on going to work if you can help it as you'll need the vikadin or whatever prescription they give you to help the pain. I won't sugar coat it, it kinda sucks but it's not ***unbearable***. Ahead of time you'll want to make sure you have pleanty of non-solid foods such as apple sauce or protein shakes. You will also have take a non-needle nosed syringe (they will provide you with one, or should) to shoot water into your stitches to make sure that they're clean and no food residue. You'll also want to get some bandages ahead of time so you can soak them with water and keep it in your mouth so you don't give yourself dry socket while you sleep. (If you go under and aren't awake for the surgery you will need it often for the first day after as you will still be affected by it.)

    If it makes you feel any better you will be less pain if you get them removed now versus the pain the teeth will cause later 😜

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