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Why does kitchen Porter job have a high turnover?

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  • 7 months ago

    Low pay, unappreciated, it is a hard job tbh, horrible hours.

    i work as a line cook and they get the lowest pay, HEAVILY underappreciated i see mfers that work on the line and toss dishes in the pit and expect the person to clean it and when they are slow they wont help him out. luckily for me im not like that i've worked that job i've worked at restaurants with no dish washer so im forced to wash my own dishes but just last night i started a new job and mfers did the exact same thing to me. this is why i hate jobs with no dish washer because once you start washing your own dishes mfers expect you to wash it for them and no help at all not even a thank you.

    it is hard work when a kitchen gets slammed the pit can get so damn full that shet needs to be put on the ground. when pots come in crusty af with caked on dried up food shet is hard to scrub unless you soak it for a while. we all know everyone hates cleaning that shet. the hours suck a lot of the dish washer i worked with start at a later time when the kitchen starts to get super busy. in the day time thats like around 8-9am when the kitchen opens at say 10am then if they are shut down to prep for dinner then the dish washer comes in at around say 6-7pm then stays late until the last customer is done. sometimes they stay as late as 12-1am when the cooks left at 10.

    even line cooks have high turn overs the restaurant industry is just high turn overs on a daily basis many owners simply just dont know how to run a restaurant the companies that have good managers/owners tend to know how to treat employees and workers good and thus turn overs for them are never an issue.

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      Yeah they should be paying at least £9 per hr but they all pay minimum wage £8 something.

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  • 8 months ago

    Because it's rubbish and gay.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Low pay, hard, unfulfilling and tedious work. Unsocial hours, a hot, high pressure work environment.

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  • 9 months ago

    Low pay and no upside.

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