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Is North Carolina struggling to have “Rich Young Average American Families” these days compared to other States?

Are there less Little White Girls and Less Little White Boys in North Carolina then there are in almost every other State? :( Does North Carolina have less Homes these days with less cute Average American families than other States have these days? I see less School busses with less School children in North Carolina as I do in other States. :( Is North Carolina struggling having good families with cool dogs and cats in this day in age than other States have? Is North Carolina struggling having “Caucasian Young Families with Young Caucasian Little kids,” these days, compared to other States? I live in NC, as you are no doubt probably aware of by now, and sadly, I see less “Average White Average American White Families” here in North Carolina, as I see more “White Millennials.” While I don’t see as many white kids, I see more “Black” and “Hispanic/Latino” children than I do “White” Children here in North Carolina of late. Are “Less White Families” with less “Small White Little Girls and Small White Little Boys” in North Carolina now than there used to be? Is NC struggling with regular rich families? I see less Carpool Moms and Soccer Moms in North Carolina than I do in other States! Are North Carolina homes struggling with American families? On Super Bowl Sunday, (despite we have the Panthers), I see less parties, and on Halloween, I see less Trick-Or-Treating kids than I once did, and I see less kids outside in the Snow building Snowmen. Is NC having a hard time with families?

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    they might be struggling

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    You're apparently suffering from acute, low-function Asperger's syndrome and possibly OCD as well. Have you been evaluated by a mental health professional recently? I recommend it. Your rambling, repetitive, aimless, pointless rants are becoming less and less coherent.

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