Are there less “White” kids with “Young White Families” in North Carolina than there are in most other States?

Are there less Little White Girls and Less Little White Boys in North Carolina then there are in almost every other State? :( Does North Carolina have less Homes these days with less cute Average American families than other States have these days? I see less School busses with less School children in North Carolina as I do in other States. :( Is North Carolina struggling having good families with cool dogs and cats in this day in age than other States have? Is North Carolina struggling having “Caucasian Young Families with Young Caucasian Little kids,” these days, compared to other States? I live in NC, as you are no doubt probably aware of by now, and one of hundreds of reasons why I hate living in North Carolina now as I have posted many times before, is because I see less “Average White Average American White Families” here in North Carolina, as I see more “White Millennials.” While I don’t see as many white kids, I see more “Black” and “Hispanic/Latino” children than I do “White” Children here in North Carolina of late. Are “Less White Families” with less “Small White Little Girls and Small White Little Boys” in North Carolina now than there used to be?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    In case you weren't aware of this, none of us slog through your long-winded babbling or sift through your incoherent rants to address the multitude of issues that you continually tack on to your inane questions. As it's been pointed out before, you don't know anything about your own state, and you know even less about any of the others, so your poor attempts to draw comparisons never fail to make you look absolutely ridiculous. Once again, North Carolina is larger than Greece, and it has a similar population. When you have over 10 million people living in an area that's the size of the average country, it becomes very difficult to generalise. Why don't you give this obsessive nonsense a rest now and quit asking these silly rhetorical questions that have no bearing on reality? Find something else to do with your time. North Carolina is over 500 miles wide. Life in Kitty Hawk is extremely different from life in Cherokee County. As it's been stated before, you're unhappy with your own life because of who you are and because of the choices you've made - not because you happen to live in that particular state. If you had a brain and a spine, you'd simply leave and quit your whinging about it.

  • 1 year ago

    Try googling current and historic demographic data. Your answer will be in there in more detail, but looking at the data, the percent of black people in NC has actually decreased over the last 5 years. Hispanic has increased slightly.

    But my guess is that you don't really care and you are simply racist.

  • 1 year ago

    The word is "fewer". I know the Republican legislature has done its best to ruin what used to be a good education system, but you really should be less concerned with spending your time complaining about North Carolina, and more time on your schoolwork.

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