How is medication in Africa?

My boyfriend and I plan to get married. He’s a black Nigerian man and I’m a white Australian woman in our thirties. None of that matters, since he’s not scamming me. I have very little money and we both know I can’t sponsor him because I’m incapable of working full time, because of my mental illness. I know that if we get married next year, we will have to go back to his country to live there. I have mild schizophrenia. I’m living a very normal life in Australia, with many friends, family and a responsible part time job as a carer. What I worry about is becoming a crazy person in Africa if we can’t afford my medication from the big cities. Is it true that they sell them all in Africa, so I won’t become a threat to myself or anyone else?

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  • 9 months ago
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    Africa is a continent. You need to research specifically what availability will be in the country you're going to be living in, including costs - it's likely you'll need to fund it privately.

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  • Anonymous
    9 months ago

    Not a scam but your not mentally fit to determine that

    • kathryn9 months agoReport

      Are you a psychologist or psychiatrist? Or do you know someone who has mild schizophrenia or lives with it yourself? If not, then you’re ignorant of the condition and you’re not fit to make that determination.

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