How are Pre K through 12 Public Schools doing right now in North Carolina?

As the first day back of School in the State of North Carolina happened just 2 days ago, how are the Public Schools in North Carolina doing right now, when it comes to Teachers and their Students? Are they good, or are they mediocre, as they all started back in both states this week? I live in Winston-Salem, and there is an Elementary School called Whitaker and it is in my neighborhood, and if that School, for example, was doing good, I would see kid walking home from School down my sidewalk, and School busses letting kids off on my Street. Is there a problem with Schools in North Carolina? Are my Schools suffering? Are politicians ruining my School system? :( I am worried! Are there less kids in Schools in North Carolina than there are in most other States? I have been on recent “Social Media” pictures, and, not to be”Racist,” but, over the past couple of days since School has started here in my home State, I have seen more “Kids of Color,” than I have white little boys, and white little girls, as well as less School Teachers than other States. Is there a School problem in North Carolina? Are Schools in North Carolina good right now, as far as for Teachers and their Students? Or, are they bad? Or, are they mediocre?

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    My wife teaches in that state, and her school eliminated the penalty for late submissions. Last year, if you turned something in late, the highest grade you could get would depend on how late it was and past a certain point, the submission would not be accepted. For example, something a week late could get a maximum of 80 percent.

    Now students can slack off without penalty.

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