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Do Trump.supporters who "stand with Israel" understand that the Zionist world order is only in favor of "God's chosen people"?

Isn't this convenient of Israel and whatever illuminati organization groups to take part in being in power of corporations, the media, world banks, education, and behind major wars?

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    It's a game by Zionosts. They are the ones who disrupted the middle east and dragged America into Globalism.

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    Israel is the only high functioning democracy in the region. It's also a key ally again terrorism both in intelligence sharing and being the only ally we have that actually conducts counterterror operations on it's own. All of our other allies want us to do the heavy lifting while they send token forces. Israel also is sharing it's anti-missile technologies with us which are the best in the world and have been proven in live situations many times.

    And I don't buy into anti-semitic conspiracy nutjobs.

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