how to deal w DDD (degenerative disc disease)?

hello im 16 years old and have DDD (degenerative disc disease). at first when i hurt my back 5 months ago doctors saw it as a lumbar sprain, then broken back. i’ve had an MRI, 9 different medicines, epidural/cortisone shot, many xrays and doctor visits and no one knows why my back is still in bad shape. doctors won’t give me surgery because they think i’m too young. i just got blood taken yesterday so they can look more into this problem. i have trouble walking because my legs are numb and i start school in 13 days and i cant sit there with a bad back like this. please help me what can i do ?

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Have you tried acupuncture. Maybe you need your blood to be diverted to where your degenerating disc is

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