How do I back-up contacts & SMS from my 9 year-old Sony Xperia (Android 4.1) to my new Palm Palm (Android 8.1) - please see details below..?

My old Sony Xperia Minipro will NOT install any backup apps (says it needs 20-25MB which it doesn t have) and it does not have the Google App on it. How do I get my contacts & SMS backed up and over to my new Palm Palm? Can anyone give me a foolproof way to do this please? I ve just spent the best part of four hours getting nowhere with them both. Thank you.

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  • 6 months ago

    If Contacts on the old device has a menu, check for Export or Save As and see if you can save off all of the contacts as Vcard/VCF format and/or as CSV aka Comma-separated-format. VCF is preferable. If both are offered, save them both ways.

    Get the resulting files to the new device. (i.e. mail them to an account the new device can access, or use Dropbox or Google Drive, or transfer to a PC over USB and then from the PC to the new devices. Save a backup on the PC.

    On the new Device, if you have the VCF file, try opening it and it may offer to add them to your contacts. otherwise, open Contacts on the new device and see if it has a menu item to Import VCF or CSV.

    • Football Nut6 months agoReport

      thank you very much - I will try this for the contacts, but how can I get all my messages over from the old 'phone to the new one?

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