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Does nobody on the roster deserved the push more than Kofi Kingston?

I don't understand why fans want to rewrite history like Kingston was some jobber dark horse who got buried his entire career when he wasn't. Kofi had been a nine time tag-team champion including being the longest reigning tag-team champion in company history and seven time singles champion before winning the WWE championship.

I find it flat out blind, aggressive devotion to say nobody on the roster deserved the push more than Kofi Kingston. In my opinion plenty of talent deserved the push far more than Kingston to which Kofi hasn't held his own or proven why he deserved the push since becoming WWE champion, far as I've seen all he's done is botch, get carried and butcher the mic.

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    I think there aren't any more deserving options after Roman Reigns got cast aside, so the smarks wanted Kofi Kingston to take over WWE next to Seth Rollins.

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