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Sick betta fish, can someone help?

Bought my betta 5 days ago & knew nothing about the nitrogen cycle. I do now and parameters are good but I'm afraid damage is done. That wasn't my only mistake. I thought aqua safe took care of ammonia/nitrate/ph, it does not. 

Day 1- bought aquarium w filter. Conditioned tap water & added safe start. Bought 1 fish, acclimated & added to tank. He ate but this is the only time. Later, he stayed at the top of tank and wouldn't go back down.

Day 2- fish still at top. Took water for test, low ph and high ammonia/nitrate but never told me how high. I did a water change (&daily,)used water conditioner & seachem prime. Checked water, parameters good.

Day 3- fish at bottom of tank, breathing hard. I assumed due to ammonia/nitrate poisoning on day 1. I Iearned about methylene blue baths. I started giving him baths daily using his tank water.

Day 4- fish still at bottom, parameters ok. Continued MB baths. His eyes seemed buggy, but hard to tell only having him a few days. It seemed there was something white when he turns his eye a certain way, but hard to tell.

Day 5 (today)- still at bottom, no change, parameters good. After his MB bath, took him to the patio because lighting is better, took some photos. When i looked at pics, saw white dots. I had to zoom & increase light on camera, could it be sediment from the water or is that ich? It's not as noticeable when you look at him. His face seems like hes getting some patches. Is this from ammonia, or does he have an infection?

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  • 10 months ago

    The temp should be around 80F if it's around 68 due to no heater, you get a lifeless fish.

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  • 10 months ago

    Tanks need to be started with starter fish after appropriate cycling with starter microbes. I always got some gravel/water from an established healthy tank to set the microbiota of the water "growing". This is in effect what happens when you turn loose a new fish with their water. However, the water in that bag does not have enough time to seed that large of an area of water. Stop all the water changes and flushing the fish with "clean" water. There are good bacteria that your fish needs to survive. Think of what happens to you if you are on potent chemotherapy or antibiotics that wipe out your microbiome. You feel just awful. Similar thing is happening to your fish in my opinion.

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  • 10 months ago

    1. it is good to complete a fishless cycle before ading fish. But bettas are kep in tiny cups full of uncycled stagnant water. So adding a betta to a tank of 5 gallons or more ideally, with a filter, is better. You should get your own test kits, I recomend Salifirt brand, and follow instructions for a fish in cycle.


    Or at least do a 30% water change 2 times a week and add enough seachums prime for the entire tank each time. And if you miss a water change, add the Prime anyway. But be aware that the prime will temporarolly detoxify ammonia - a good thing!, but your tests may show low or no ammonia that is only temporary. Your tank is not cycled until you have nitrates.

    You are killing the fish by removing him from the tank, and even more with the methalain blue. He dosnt look like he has ich, But all the stress and weeking his immune system with meds he doesnt need, and with rubbing his slime coat off are asking for an ich outbreak. The dots are probobly torn scales from handling him so much.

    Put him in the tank, NEVER REMOVE HIM AGAIN , add seachums prime and seachums paragaurd. do a 25-35% water change 2 times a week for 6 more weeks. then go back to once a week.

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  • 10 months ago

    Did you let your tank cycle for a long enough period of time before adding the fish in? If not, it might not have all the healthy bacteria in the tank that make it safe for the fish. You should wait AT LEAST 48 hours before putting the fish in its tank, but ideally it should be after about a month. If this fish does unfortunately pass, a good thing to do if you are planning to get another one is to cycle the tank for a week-month, add fish flakes as if you actually had a fish in their to feed, it helps to speed up the process of making it a safe environment for the fish.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    Well it won't last if you keep doing all that.

    So, all that stuff you've listed, don't do that anymore.

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  • 10 months ago

    Betas often don’t last long just because of the conditions in the store they’re kept in, sometimes you can’t help it

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