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Why did my Pell Grant removed?

incoming College freshman here. Earlier today i got an email saying my financial aid package has been updated and that happened to be the removal of my grants. This caused my tuition costs to rise drastically. The offices are closed rn so i’m calling tomorrow but i’m anxious to know now. Does anyone have a logical explanation for this?

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    The most common reason for this would be that your FAFSA was selected for verification by the Department of Education, and during that process the school found an error that needed to be corrected. Once that correction was made, you were no longer eligible for grant aid. Eligibility for the Pell grant (and often for state and institutional grants) is based on the EFC--a number that is calculated from the information that you provided on your FAFSA. Schools typically prepare an award letter for freshmen based solely on the information that the student originally entered on the FAFSA. However, if the FAFSA is selected for verification, then the school is required to verify that the information the student entered is correct. If it wasn't then the school has to correct it, and that can change the EFC and the student's eligibility for aid. For example, say you submitted a FAFSA and you reported that your family's income is just $10,000. That would generally mean that you'd be eligible for a Pell grant of over $6,000 and, in many cases, grant aid from other sources as well. But, when the school verified the income by looking at your parents' tax return, it showed that they actually had $100,000 in income, not $10,000. That would change the EFC, and therefore your eligibility for grants. Unfortunately, if you were awarded aid based on inaccurate information, the school is required to revise your award and adjust them to reflect the correct information.

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    You probably don't meet one or more of the requirements anymore.

    It could be from missing a deadline for submitting a form, or you've exceeded a financial requirement, or that you're too dumb to go to college because they found out you're asking question here instead of the financial aid office.

    So, it could be any number of things. I enjoyed reading the comments though, so good luck,

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    A M: Why are you trying to go to college? Go down to the nearest grocery store and see if you can get a job bagging or stocking shelves. If you cannot figure out that the only way to get a definitive answer is to go down to the financial aid office and ask them, then how do you expect to be able to cope with college level courses?

    For instance:

    Compare and contrast Joyce's Ulysses vs. Milton's Paradise Lost in the context of Jung's Theory of Personality. Spelling and grammar count.

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    Perhaps because you are an idiot. College is for smart people. You can't even write a sentence without making half a dozen grammatical and spelling errors. I'm sorry if I'm harsh but it's late, I'm cranky and I went to college in a day when college students were expected to live up to certain standards which now seem to be gone. They let idiots go to college now.

    Source(s): Graduate of Faber College . Suma C/ Laude
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