Why are low to mid-range smartphones using expensive IPS LTPS panels, instead of dirt-cheap OLED panels?


In Spring of 2016, full HD OLED panels were less expensive to produce than full HD IPS panels. At that time, both cost about $15, which is a significant part of the cost of manufacturing a cell phone. Since then, IPS prices have stayed about the same while OLED prices continue to drop. Yet three years later, try to find any reasonably priced cell phone with an OLED panel. I don't get it. Do cell phone manufacturers not care about profits?

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  • 1 year ago
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    They start designing a phone model in advance, when Google boought motorola a few years ago they saif it would take 2 years for the already in development phones to go through before it was a Google designed phone, didn;t turn out that way though.

    They probably make contracts for the screens, batteries etc first as what they can get there will help dictate the overall design.

    3 years ago I would have said that LCD being a more established technology would fall in price quicker over amoled.

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