Homeless in middle east?

I chose to travel and live outside in the states. Not interested in a vehicle, hussling, complaining, etc. I just carry a backpack that has everything i need, i pitch in some random woods to sleep and then continue trecking the next day. A lot of people tell me i look like a religious figure or they think i am a prophet.

Anyway... Im not trying for attention, i am just saying that i am not a normal "american". I dont wear logos or drink from water bottles etc. I live a very basic and simple life and i mind my own business and am,always trying to be kind to others.

Of i went to the middle east and chose not to come back to the states, what might be the reality outcome. Not what you would like to believe but really how it would probably end up being. What might i look forward to there if i chose to live the same way?

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  • Mintee
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    1 year ago
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    well it would be really hot for a homeless person... last week it got up to 120F.. I dont think you could live just out in a desert region on your own... also you'd need visas to enter most of the countries here. you cannot just walk in.. otherwise, if you do manage to get in, and do manage to find somewhere to live... go for it.. no big deal.. might be inspired...

  • 1 year ago

    You could expect to be deported home - if you're entering as a tourist, you can't simply stay and live however simply

  • John
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    1 year ago

    I hitchhiked around the western US for 6 months in the mid 1970's It's fun until the money runs out and you realize that eating every day is not optional. And then there's keeping clean.

  • 1 year ago

    1. there are not a lot of "random" woods in the middle of the desert.

    2. perform personal hygiene and no one will misidentify you as a person who lived before showering, brushing your teeth, etc on a regular basis was the norm.

    In most of the countries - Saudi, UAE, Jordan, etc there is no homelessness because homelessness is a crime. You will get picked up and jailed. Unless you can pay your own way out, you sit there until someone pays for you or the US government brokers you out. The cost usually includes a one way ticket to your country of citizenship.

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