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Why isn't murder one of the seven deadly sins?

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    The "Seven Deadly Sins" seem to be designed to serve a particular purpose

    that purpose being:

    to bring to mind sinFUL attitudes that were typically ESTEEMED and/or APPROVED (rather than condemned) by society (in the time and place of the origin of that list).

    They were never intended to be a list of all sins

    and despite the title

    it seems extremely likely that they were never intended to be a list of the worst sins.

  • Because it is one of the sins that God has forbidden!

    There is no such thing as the sin of the chief!

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    Where do you get seven deadly sins?

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    s by believing in Jesus for eternal life (John 6:47), without adding any of your own works (Romans 4:5). Believe in Jes

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    It was going to be number 8 but they ran out of paper.

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    Maybe because it is in one of the Ten Commandments. The Seven Deadly Sins are all human vices, not crimes. It would not make sense in that context to include murder.

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    Ah, but it scripture --

    16 There are six things that the Lord hates,

    seven that are an abomination to him:

    17 haughty eyes, a lying tongue,

    and hands that shed innocent blood,

    18 a heart that devises wicked plans,

    feet that make haste to run to evil,

    19 a false witness who breathes out lies,

    and one who sows discord among brothers.

    Proverbs chapter 6


    See, actual scripture is just better than all the doctrines people usually have heard.

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    There are no "seven deadly sins" in the Bible. The catholic cult made that up. Catholicism teaches works for salvation, which leads to hell.


    Murder is a sin.

    Nobody can be good enough to avoid hell. The truth is that death leads to immediate heaven or hell, depending only on whether the person believed in Jesus for eternal life, or not.


    The truth is that Jesus loves you and wants to bless your life freely :) Most of all, Jesus wants you with Him forever, and not in hell. The truth is that every belief except one will lead to eternal torment in the lake of fire for every person. Because nothing pays for our sins except the death and blood of Jesus, the sacrifice of Jesus that is already accomplished by Him . Jesus loves you! The truth is that Jesus is God, and Jesus died on the cross to pay for all of our sins in full, and then Jesus resurrected from the dead. Nothing else pays for our sins, not works, not deeds, not religions. So the only way to heaven and to avoid hell, is by believing in Jesus for eternal life (John 6:47), without adding any of your own works (Romans 4:5). Believe in Jesus to take you to heaven, and you will be in heaven, no matter what, guaranteed. That easy, thanks to Jesus! Tell Jesus that you thank Him that you will be with Him in heaven when you die, because you believe in Jesus! It is too late to be saved, after death

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