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Is it normal to feel this way?

Broke up with this guy a while ago.

He’s the only guy who ever spoke to me so romantically. Things didn’t work out. A rumor came out about him so I left him he tried to get me back.

I still have him on social media. His new girl is beautiful. Big boobs nice butt gorgeous face. She could be a model, she’s sexy. He even talked about having a kid with her on social media. I asked him about her but he didn’t answer my text. He doesn’t answer my texts period.

I feel like I lost him, I know now the rumor wasn’t true

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  • Janet
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    6 months ago
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    You cannot get over him as long as you follow him on social media, have any contact with him .. or even ALLOW yourself to dwell on him.

    It takes 4-8 months of deliberately, consistently, continuously REFUSING to think about him or dwell on him.

    Not only are you NOT getting over him, you are FEEDING your sense of inadequacy and inferiority by comparing yourself with this new gf.

    As far as losing him . .we never OWN anyone. Their participation is totally their own choice, so we cannot "lose" something we never have.

    And when a couple breaks up, for ANY reason, it means they are not compatible and that the relationship WAS going to end sooner or later. And if they try to get back, the same problems that broke them up are still there, so they will only break up again

    Honey, you "lost" him from the moment you first started dating him. It just took you a while to realize it, and you still haven't accepted it. And the longer you take TO accept this, the longer you will suffer.

    Your choice.

    Endings are hard, but life is full of ending of all sorts. Make your inner self your home, your refuge, your best friend .. and only then will you be able to make love work well with anyone.

    No one holds our hand as we are being pushed down the birth canal out into the world .. and no one goes with us when we slip away at death. WE are our ONLY guarantee in life, so if we are not whole inside, too much anxiety and fear will wreck any relationship we try to create.

    And as far as love goes, the more joy we get from helping others (everyone), the more we will be happy with love. But the more we look to love to "fix" our unhappiness, the less happy we will be once the infatuation has died out, and the more likely he relationship will fall apart.

    Be whole.

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  • Foofa
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    6 months ago

    Yes, rejection is hard but it does get easier as you move through life and gain the experience of the next rejection, and the one after that. To imagine that your first ever relationship will last forever is a function of the immaturity we all have when we first start dating. Try not to obsess about this guy and if you really can't shake this feeling block him on social media so you don't have to see his "new girl".

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