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Help...When to tell him?

I ve been dating someone for almost 3 months now. We ve gotten close, but of course it s still fairly new.

I recently started going to therapy for an emotionally abusive relationship with an ex boyfriend from two years ago. I didn t reach out to someone until recently because I avoided it. He also took advantage of me one night when I was not able to give consent, and I had told him earlier I did not want to have sex.

When is it an appropriate time to tell my new partner? We are both abstinent. But I do feel it is an important part of my past that is part of my story.


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    6 months ago
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    Okay so 3 months is a lot of time to know someone and he probably really cares for u by now. So I think anytime is good whenever you’re ready. And you’re right I think he deserves to know about your past.

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