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This man is right....whatever happened to chivalry?

Long gone are the days when men would care about abused women and make an effort to free them from their horrible situations.

We need gentlemanly men like this:

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    "This man is right....whatever happened to chivalry?"

    Feminism happened.

    Feminism, from our modern historical period, killed chivalry by convincing women that aspiring to act like "ladies" was old-fashioned and even "oppressive". Of course, where there are no ladies, there will be no gentlemen; and thus chivalry has died. This is where we are today in our feminist inspired, regressive society.

    In the chivalrous code, women had a duty to act like ladies and not like honorary men. Feminism ensured that women were free to drop all their traditional feminine gender roles, and many women no longer know how to act like a lady. As the ladies disappeared, so did the gentlemen. And chivalry vanished.


    • MISOA5 months agoReport

      I get these times off when she is on a tour times change ....sigh !!!

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    5 months ago

    women dont want help...he is completely wrong..women chose these horrible situatuoins and often times will hurt someone trying to intervene

  • 5 months ago

    Why are women still so dependent on men??? Seriously? Why don't they grow the hell up and stop acting like helpless babies! Those man-hating jerks don't deserve a damn thing from men! Females are the weaker, inferior gender, and it's time everybody stopped denying that fact!

  • hi
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    5 months ago

    Another good question could be : whatever happened to people who would nurture their children instead of aborting them?

    Now I think a man or woman aborting their own kid is a lot worse than a man being indifferent towards a strange, abused woman .

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  • amy
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    5 months ago

    I’m a woman myself and agree this is just awful 😥

    • hi
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      Well, regardless of feminism teaches , women are indeed physically weaker which explains why sports are segregated by gender . Now I find it contradictory when women are liberal in some areas such as abortion and premarital sex but are also “ traditional “ in other areas .

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