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Psycho or what?

My brother is with a girl for a year now . He doesn’t leave her talk to anyone , he gets jealous when she talks to me or my mum , he doesn’t leave her go out with mates unless she tells him a week in advance so he can be busy too , he always disables her phone trying to get into it , he also bickers and picks fights with her and he pushed her and locked her in a room before . He has t1D and doesn’t take his medication properly and his bloods are always high . He’s manipulative and controlling . He’s really spiteful aswell . We want her to leave him as he is straight up toxic but she said she would rather help him then leave him . Does anyone know what could cause this ? Please help

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    i think shes better off leaving hirn too

  • 5 months ago

    Its a combination of insecurity and control issues. He likely has been hurt before in a previous relationship so can't trust his girlfriend out of fear she will leave him. And to overcome his distrust he looks to control her in everyway, not realizing the fact that he is making her suffer the whole time.

    The ironic part is that some women actually seek out this behavior because it is the same behavior inflicted by their own parents, thus they find it comforting (that is the real crazy part). So, while you and Mom may have your heart's in the right place trying to look out for his girlfriend, you may just not realize how perfect they are for each other. And any further effort to break them up will likely only alienate him from both of you. Or possibly worse consequences, considering how unstable he is. It's best if you stay out of it. Good Luck.

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    5 months ago

    cause what? her stupidity? or the anger issues of your brother.?...they both need serious help!!!

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