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My fiancé & cousin ruined a surprise party for me?

My moms having a surprise party for me tomorrow but my fiancé ruined it for me. Either way the story my mom is giving me makes no sense so I figured she was up to something. Then my cousin texted me she couldnt make it to my party with a photo of her with the invitation in her hand. I didnt respond because I didnt want my mom to get mad at my cousin. Either way i found multiple things my mom told me to be fishy before my fiancé and cousin told me :/

How do I still act surprised? Either way i do not know who my mom invited so i still am going to be surprised either way :/ My fiancé told me because he said he couldnt keep secrets from me. I told him “either way this was supposed to be a surprise why would you even tell me?!?!?”

I know i still will be but i feel bad for knowing even though they told me themselves :/

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  • 6 months ago

    You really have nothing to be upset about, at all. You have a loving mom who took the time and effort to organize a surprise party for you. You have a fiancee who felt you might not like a total surprise, some people don't, so he gave you notice so you can dress nice and get all fixed up to look your best at the party. And your cousin, who knows, maybe she doesn't understand the meaning of surprise.

    But overall, lots of people who love you coming to your party.

    You know how to act surprised, just make believe you didn't know so your mom feels good.

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  • 6 months ago

    Act happy and excited but cover your face with you hands. It's a classic suprised expression but if you're hidng your face, no one can see the bad acting job.

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    i would just pretend you dont know about it

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