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I am concerned about x-rays I had and if they were safe?

I had my first appointment at a different dentist yesterday and am really concerned the x-rays they took on me were not safe.

They took my x-rays in a small x-ray room rather than in the room where I had my cleaning.

The lead apron they used was really big and covered more of my body.

Whenever the woman took an x-ray she would close me into the x-ray room and then go out to the hall to take them rather than standing in the door way.

Should I be worried about these x-rays being less safe? I am just really concerned that the reason the woman closed me into to room and put such a big lead apron on me is that their x-ray machine is unsafe.

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  • Sandy
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    It sounds like the method was a bit "old-fashioned" - many offices now utilize digital x-rays -- but without more information I'd say it was most likely safe.

    In the U.S., x-ray machines must be professionally examined on a regular basis, and the license/registration is usually posted on the machine.

    Source(s): Dental (orthodontic) assistant with over 34 years of experience.
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