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Should I switch my major from Design Studies to Agriculture Management?

Right now I ve finished my freshman year of college. I began as an English major but realized I hated the classes in the middle of my second semester so I switched to graphic design. I ve been doing a lot of thinking and I would love to study art for the rest of my college career, but I don t actually want to do it for a job. Really the only job I WANT to do is work on a farm or a feedlot. The school I m at right now is a liberal arts school so I would have to change schools to get a degree in something like ag management or animal studies. I m currently studying as a non resident, but the school that I m considering would be in my home state and is also substantially cheaper than my current tuition. I m just not sure it the joy of being an art student for the next three years outweighs the huge move I would have to make for a degree I may not enjoy as much but that could lead to my dream career. Am I trying to have too much of a plan too early in my life? Should I take a year off to find myself in the mountains of Wyoming? Any advice about either art or ag careers is appreciated. Or advice on just college and life in general.

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  • drip
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    5 months ago

    If the career you want, the job you want is in farming, then you need to get an education that will get you into that career.

    Switch schools and go into agriculture. Not animal studies

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    I can only speak for the option of choosing a course that matches the career path I followed and still do. You spend a long time working, so it pays to make the decision to go for the course that gets you your dream job. You can always take a masters in art for your own enjoyment in the future.

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