Single device wifi slowdown?

In my home wifi, we have spectrum internet, promised at 200mb/s speeds and through wifi, we don't even hit 60mb/s. When I hook my laptop up to ethernet to th router, I hit the upper 90s, but still not advertised. Now the main problem I am currently having, is that my wifi speed test is really bottoming out at less than 30 recently, and currently getting a fraction of 1mb/s. However, nobody else on my wifi has any problems, the laptop in my brother's room, literally next to mine, is getting 40. I am concerned with a possible wifi card in my computer going bad. What's the explanations for this potentially?

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  • BigE
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    6 months ago

    First, find out what 802.11 your router uses, and all your clients. AC is the newest, and AC clients can take over whole channels for streaming, I think called beam forming. Most routers will scroll down the WIFI to the lowest common denominator or slowest client.

    Upgrade to AC. If you are married to the ISP's router, you can always add your own Access Point and broadcast your own SSID and network.

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  • 6 months ago

    First things first.

    I have spectrum too.

    They NEVER promised 200mbps. They say "Up To 200mbps".

    Second thing

    How old is your router? Is it a cheap one?

    If you havent upgraded your router in a few years at least, then I would try upgrading, especially if you have a ton of devices connected to it at once, as old routers use older technology that is worse when handling multiple devices at once. Additionally, older routers may not be able to reach the advertised speed of your package.

    If it's a cheap router, OR an ISP provided router (meaning Spectrum gave you the router), then it probably isnt enough to handle all of your devices, which will result in slowdowns.

    Have a newer router that is good?

    Then check the channels your wi-fi is using. You can look up on how to do this on YouTube. Essentially, most routers will automatically connect to certain channels which are also used by everyone else around you (Neighbors and such), which can result in interference and slowdowns.


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    • Nicholas6 months agoReport

      Then, I would recommend upgrading to a router with the 802.11ac or 802.11ax standard. These will provide the best internet quality. Of course make sure they support both frequencies.

      Good Luck!

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