Suppose there was a teacher who could teach those that no others could reach?

I grew up with learning disabilities which I have largely overcome, but in my own way. I have learned to grok this, my native language, I intuit English because I am into it. I have taught people of zero literacy to literate (read) where no one else could. I've also worked with Autistic children, and made striving progress where others could not. One problem: I have Cerebral Palsy, and do to the way I walk (Ataxia and Dystonia) people tend very strongly to prejudge me (yes their loss, but also humanity's loss), and the bitter words and sometimes fists and weapons of bigotry strike me. They have taken a heavy, maiming toll on me. Still (probably foolishly) try to be altruist with my gift. Another problem: I don't have any formal teaching credentials. I invent my own method of teaching that's tailored to the student, I do not expect any student to learn by any template of teaching; one size does not always fit everyone!............ So If you think that my unique insights need to be explored give me a "Like", and I might put out a youtube video.

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  • 1 year ago

    If you taught people "english" that is concerning. Your language is not 'natural' Normal people use regular language, they don't use words like grok, intuit, literate they way you do.

    people need to learn to use language NORMALLY.

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