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why do people in a neighborhood (who are neighbors) prefer to have their own lawn care service and don't use their neighbors lawn service?

I do lawn care and noticed that everywhere that I have customers that each home has its own lawn service that is different from their neighbors and was curious what might be the reason for this?

you would THINK that neighbors would use the lawn service their neighbors use ? or why not?



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  • 4 months ago

    It's called COMPETITION. If one company was clearly better than any other, there would be a majority in a neighborhood using that company. This is clearly not the case.

  • 5 months ago

    My lawn service covers about ten houses on my street for both lawns and for snow plowing.

  • 5 months ago

    You are correct...neighbors don't speak with one another like they used to.

    On the flip side, I make friends everywhere I go and know all of my neighbors...people can be funny.

  • 5 months ago

    First of all, STOP SCREAMING!!!!!!!

    You're complaining about having to deal with competition for your service business. There are lots of lawn care services out there. People choose the lawn care service they want for a variety of reasons.

    A good business man would spend his energy thinking about how to give people incentives to make referrals, not making disparaging characterizations sweeping all the neighbors with a broad brush. You have no idea whether neighbors talk to each other or not. You're desperately grabbing for excuses..

    An entitlement mentality, where you think for some odd reason that neighbors should use you for lawn services instead of someone else, is not a good trait for a business person. Instead of looking in the mirror for the solution, you're pointing fingers of blame at your potential customers.

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  • Jay
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    5 months ago

    My lawn care service is a young man I have known for many years and when he decided to start a lawn care company I became his second client because I want to support his business. I recommended him to a new neighbor who moved in...and because my place looks nice - he hired him.

    My neighbor uses her son in law's company because she wants to support HIS business. Her friend around the corner ALSO uses him because they go to the same church.

    The guy across the street has three sons. They take turns cutting his yard and they also do Mr. Posey's house cause he is old.

    The people who bought the house on the corner are using the lawn service they had before the moved. they like the company, I guess.

    My friend cannot use my lawn service because her HOV won't let her.

    The house on the other corner is a rental and the rental company has a lawn service they use. It is terrible, but what can we do?

    Actually....there are several rentals in my neighborhood...and each one has their own lawn service. Maybe it is because the rental company hires a service to take care of all there properties per a contract.

    It is not a matter of 'Not talking to neighbors' is a simple matter of :We are all of us individuals with our own needs and wants. I NEED the young man doing my lawn to do well in his I pay him. My neighbor needs her son in law to do well in she pays him. The rental properties have their own requirements so they use the people THEY choose, and the guy who has the three teenage kids has a 'built in lawn service' and Mr. Posey does not have to spend his limited check because 'Three Teen Aged Kids' do it for free.

    And OBVIOUSLY the people who moved in and have the lawn service from the previous place...LIKE that service enough to keep it.

  • 5 months ago

    Why would they switch when they are happy with who they have?

    • 5 months agoReport

      no, you are missing the point, they are new neighbors for example, and hire someone totally different than their neighbors and not asking to use their neighbors lawn service. but even if they are not new, they somewhere along the line decided to use a different service than their neighbors

  • Judith
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    5 months ago

    Why should they? Should they also use the same insurance companies for their cars and homes? Same difference. Maybe they aren't impressed by their neighbor's lawn service. Maybe they've found a lawn service which charges less because they did some comparison shopping. Maybe the lawn service is owned by their brother-in-law. Why would you care?

  • John
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    5 months ago

    Well, you got through one paragraph before you STARTED YELLING!

    Maybe there's a clue in there somewhere, ya know?

    Ah. Cheap illiegal immigrants. Bye bye.

    • John
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      5 months agoReport

      And there ya go.........

  • 5 months ago

    It's interesting that you bring this up.

    I don't use most of my neighbors lawn service because their lawns services do a crappy job.

    There is one neighbor who I've been meaning to call to see who their lawn service is because it's the only one on the block I want to use.

    I'm ok with the quality of my current lawn service. He used to do many houses on the street. But new owners or what not, he doesn't any more.

    But I'm looking for a new service because he only wants to do what he wants to do. If I ask to do additional work (i.e. I'll pay him), such as clean up the alley because someone dug through the trashcan or to trim a hedge, he won't do it.... "I'm too busy". That's fine. but you are out of a job now.

    In response to the comments:

    - I don't care about privacy with lawn care, like I would with housekeeping. Everyone can see the front. The back? My neighbor's house is two story and it has a chain along the alley line. Never private.

    - Most of my neighbors want the bare minimum - mow & go.... I don't have a landscaper but I expect a wee little bit more than mow & go... at least wipe down the mower before you start the job so I don't get all the weeds you have cut down at other places, make sure the sprinklers are set correctly, etc

    - They look like "cheap illegal immigrants".... clearly do not live in a community with a lot of undocumented individuals. Trust me, as much as you red states want you to believe that illegal immigration pushes wages down - it doesn't. We have a government sponsored day laborer program in my neighborhood (yes, the city pays for a program for undocumented to find day work), they aren't working for $8 an hour....maybe $20 if it's 3pm and pouring down rain.

  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    cause they decide on their own who to use and dont ask anyone

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