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Will I lose weight if I continue doing this workout routine?

Here’s my workout schedule:

Intense workout: 2hrs each maximum.

Mon: Upper

Tue: Lower

Wed: Conditioning/Cardio

Thu: Upper

Fri: Lower


No junk food at all

No supplements at all

Fruits and veggies

5/4 water bottler a day

I eat whatever my mom makes; Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner (not all bad or good). I usually don’t eat much, maybe around 2500 a day, but I don’t do meal preps.

I’m 21 years of age, 6’0”, and I weight 220 (skinny/fat body) and I’m trying to get back to 170.

Question: is this a correct set-up destined to make this possible?

Any tips? I lost my job a couple days back for who know what, so buying all these expensive healthy/nutrition stuff isn’t quite a smart idea especially when school is coming up... :(

2 Answers

  • 1 year ago

    i would just try it and see and then you'll know

  • Eva
    Lv 5
    1 year ago

    You aren't going to lose much at 2500 a day and eating whatever.

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