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Visiting the Philippines?

Hi im taking a trip to the Philippines in a few weeks, Kabankalan in ****** Occidental to be more specific. I'm going with my dad and his filipina wife, I'm white and female. I'm just wondering what'll be like there and if people are friendly towards foreigners? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you?

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  • Pearl
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    6 months ago

    i would ask your father's wife, she would know

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  • 6 months ago

    People are incredibly nice and friendly, but beware, because you stand out as a white person and there are a lot of poor people there who will try to get your money. There are thieves and pickpockets everywhere in the cities.

    But if you are with a filipina, she knows her way around and you will be alright. They are the friendliest people on Earth though.

    You need to know about the 'bless' greeting which she can explain. If you are intorduced to a family member who is a generation older, you bow your head forward, and take the hand of that person to touch your forhead, as that person says God bless you. It is a custom of respect to elders.

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