Customs in Tel Aviv.?

As I get closer to my trip to Israel I m trying to think of any last minute questions. All I plan to bring is clothes, cell phone, tablet, and hygiene items like soap, makeup, etc. Will I be able to go through the green line when I arrive. Also leaving do I have to pay a tax to bring back souvenirs?

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  • 6 months ago

    Just be prepared to spend a long time in security. From my recollection of visiting Tel Aviv for work a few years ago, there was tight security and everyone got asked questions about where they had been and what they had done. Do not get upset if it happens as they are just doing their job and not necessarily picking on you for anything specific. We all left the city with souvenirs and I don't think anyone was taxed as no one had spend loads of money. This is from one website:

    Goods purchased abroad or at the Duty Free, provided that the value thereof shall not exceed $200; the quantity of the goods shall also be limited to 1 litre of alcohol and 2 litres of wine, 250 ml of perfumes, 250 grams of tobacco (1 carton) – which are exempt from customs duties.

    Just be aware - I bought what I thought was a lovely watercolor picture. Years later, the frame broke and I bought a new one to replace it. When I took the "painting" out, it turned out to be a cutting from a magazine. It made me chuckle!

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  • 6 months ago

    You pay customs duties to your home country when you come back, assuming you exceed the duty free limit. You would only pay customs to Israel if you were importing goods into the country for gifts etc. tax and duties are two separate things. In the US you can bring in about 400$ of goods without duty. Taxes would be collected by your state as sales taxes, which souvenirs would not trigger unless it was thousands of dollars. You have nothing to declare entering Israel unless you are importing goods. All personal stuff, is nothing to declare

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  • 6 months ago

    If the green line is the one for nothing to declare, then you can go through that one, assuming you intend to take out of Israel everything you brought into it. I don't know of any country that taxes things as you leave. Usually, you pay duty and taxes when you bring things into your home country that you acquired while you were out of that country

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      There are certain countries which do tax certain items being taken out of their country, especially genuine artifacts and other articles of value (culturally) to the country. In many cases, these exports are totally forbidden; in other cases, they are allowed, but taxed. Ask in advance.

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  • 6 months ago


    Israel Customs will decide if they want to inspect you.

    Random checks are done to ensure honesty.

    Do you pay tax to your home government for importing stuff? MAYBE.Depends how much stuff you have and what it is.

    Shall we all guess if you are bringing back souvenir diamonds or some post cards.

    Shall we all guess if home country is Peru or Morocco?

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