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Are there any good appetite suppressants?

I have tried several appetite suppressants from the drug store but nothing ever worked. Do you know of any that really work? If the pills don’t work what about some kind of drink that could make me feel not hungry?

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    Please be very careful with any appetite suppressant PILLS. There have been many cases where these have killed people in the past.

    1. Apples. Eat a small apple, preferably one before every meal.

    2. It's controversial but nicotine gum or patches. They don't contain the same toxins that cigarettes do. However, nicotine still has effects on blood pressure and metabolism.

    3. Lactobacillus gasseri. It's the particular strain of probiotic that is associated with weight loss and reduced appetite (at least that's what I read).

    4. CLA. Not an appetite suppressant but it does cause some fat loss. Better still, it's designated by the FDA as "generally recognized as safe," meaning that it's okay to take daily.

    5. Yogurt, kefir, kombucha, and ESPECIALLY kimchi. It is said that if you eat kimchi 3 times a day for a month you will lose 10 pounds without changing your diet.

    6. A fiber supplement such as Benefiber. Take once or twice a day with at least one glass of water.

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    nope..some weight loss pills proclaim to be great...but then you see people only lost a few pounds...

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