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Why can’t State politicians apologize for their greed against the people?

Why is Phil Berger so mean? Why is Phil Berger the Republican of North Carolina so stupid and so arrogant, and why does he not care to listen to what everyone else other than what the unworldly people who voted for him in North Carolina are so pissed off about and change it? Why are the North Carolina General Assembly lawmakers and Republican Legislators of North Carolina like Berger such liars, and why do they hate to compromise and listen to what their citizens are pissed off about, and why are they so mean to them? Why does Phil Berger want to cut taxes in North Carolina, rather then raise them and listen out for his people? Why can’t he understand the true meaning of lives and not playing politics? Why did State Senate Leader Phil Berger has taken aim at educators for taking May 1 off to demand increased funding for public schools? Why instead of replying, “This strike is not about Education. It is a strike organized by partisan activists with the express intent of eliminating Republicans from the North Carolina General Assembly, and it is at the expense of children who should be in the classroom learning.” Instead, why couldn’t he have said, “This is my fault and I publicly apologize for my Devilish behavior. This is completely unacceptable on my part. I understand that lives mean more than politics?”

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    Saying that a strike by teachers isn't at the expense of children would be a lie. If you are against lying, you should have no problem with his statement. The people who are pissed off at him are not the people who voted for him, and are in the minority, or else he would not have been elected in the first place.

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    On the matter of education, Berger said he and his fellow Republicans deserve credit for giving teachers large raises.

    Berger told viewers to imagine a political party that had promised to "raise average teacher pay by more than 15 percent in just three years." He spoke about a few more issues, then concluded: "That is exactly what House and Senate Republicans have accomplished in our state."

    Actually, they did not.

    What he gets wrong

    In total, since the GOP took over control of the N.C. General Assembly in 2011, the average teacher’s pay has not risen 15 percent. It has risen about half that much. And that’s in the span of six years, not three.

    So Berger’s claim citing a three-year period ignores half the budgets passed by Republican lawmakers.

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    They are accustomed to getting away with it. No apologies.

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