How long can you stay at a base in the air force?

I was thinking about joining the air force and was wondering how long can you stay over seas at one base like if I got my first choice Germany how long would I be able to stay there? Would I be able to stay the whole 20 years of service if I so chose and if not how soon could I come back to Germany? Would I only have to do a 1 year tour some where els before I can return?

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  • Daniel
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    1 year ago
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    First, let's assume that you are asking about the USAF(this is an international site).

    You normally cannot stay at a base for an entire career. I have known a few enlisted people that have stayed at a base for most of their career, all of them CONUS bases, and many of them crappy locations. Even they had to work something with the assignment system to go to Korea for a year before they could come back to that base. I knew ONE guy that managed to stay at a base for 20 years--he spent most of his career as an E-5 and barely make E-6 in enough time to make it to retirement. You have a higher chance of limited moves if your job has limited bases (say Minuteman maintenance).

    Overseas tours in the USAF are only about 2-4 years (depends on the location and whether or not you have dependents with you). After that tour, you can APPLY to do another back to back tour there. Assuming that it is approved, you wouldn't be able to do a third.

    Germany is a highly sought after assignment, and you would be lucky to even get it. You could end up in a job that doesn't even have the option of going there. Some career fields are cracking down on people staying overseas forever because that means that some other schmuck is stuck in North Dakota.

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    Two consecutive tours overseas at most is what is generally allowed so that would be eight years total. There are a couple of reasons for this also. Back in the 80s many that had consecutive tours overseas were scoring lower in their WAPS testing for promotion and not getting promoted which some complained about. So the Air Force in order to prevent that from happening and making sure the testing and scoring for promotion was more equal across the board passed a policy of no more than two consecutive tours overseas for individuals. Also by limiting individuals to that or less then that meant others could then have more of an opportunity to catch an overseas tour at some point in their careers as well.

    Now you do ask about doing one year someplace else and then returning to some base or assignment and there is a policy involving unaccompanied, remote tours also and a person getting their base of preference after a remote tour. However that policy also applies largely to bases in CONUS along with Hawaii and Alaska but not so much to those overseas.

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    That is called homesteading and they do not allow it. You are going to have to move at least every four years.

  • RICK
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    1 year ago

    Average is 3 years or less but its possible to stay if you request it

    I know many Marines and sailors who did back to back 3 year tours on Okinawa. The biggest thing they had in common was most were married to girls from Asia and it was easier/cheaper to go visit family

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  • 1 year ago

    most overseas tours are 2.5 years

    you can extend for up to one more year

    then your going some where else-- depending on where you go, that can change the tour length

    after your tour at the new duty station is done, you can ask to go back to germany

    but, once you volunteer for an overseas assignment, your volunteering for any overseas assignment.. so you could end up getting orders to korea or turkey just as easily as germany

  • 1 year ago

    Which air force? I've heard of people being in CFB Trenton for 20 years, but, while RCAF posting tend to be longer than Army, and RCN ones, that is pretty unusual. Most run around 5 years or so.

    Other countries may be different. You need to be moved for professional reasons, and, to fill vacancies at various ranks, and positions.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You go where they send you. You stay as long as they want you to.

  • 1 year ago

    You can't stay at the same place for your entire career.

  • Mrsjvb
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    1 year ago

    as general rule: 1-3 years before you are required to PCS. they no longer permit homesteading( staying at one location for more than one tour)

    furthermore: THEY decide how long you are permitted to stay in.

  • There are far too many variables to this equation.

    Lets start with the idea that you'd even get posted to Germany, which is always one of the most desirable locations. Every kid who joined the air force to "see the world" wants to go hang out in Europe and live in the modern base housing there.

    We can't even predict if we'll be at war next year, yet you seem to expect that the military will provide you with a comfortable life at the same base for twenty years doing a job which you have no concept of at this point in time.

    You want stability? Don't join the military.

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