Is it worth it to go out if state for medical school?

So I am planning on attending medical school and I have been told to apply to at-least 10 my state only has 3 public medical schools and out of state medical schools would charge me what private med schools in my state would charge me. Would it be a good idea to take on that debt of out of state tuition?

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  • 1 year ago

    The common advice is to go to a top private medical school if you have the stats for it (very few do). If you don't it is best to go to your state med school to take on as little debt as possible. You will want to apply to private med schools for backup however as most schools take 10% or less of qualified applicants. Depending on your GPA and MCAT you may want to look into osteopathic schools as well. If you don't make it into a state school it is definitely worth it to go to a private school as graduating medical school almost guarantees a $200,000 per year salary which will allow you to pay back the larger debt.

    The only med schools that aren't worth it are Caribbean as they expel 50% of their class (so they can afford to send the rest to America for rotations) and around 50% of the remaining class fails to get a residency (and therefore are stuck with $200,000 of debt and are not licensed to practice medicine).

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    i think it is

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    Most medical students take on $200,000 worth of loans or far more to support themselves and pay for medical school. Obviously it would be better to stay in state and attend a public university for medical school, but there are no guarantees that you will be accepted there. So most wanna-be med students apply to a dozen or more medical schools in hopes of getting into at least one.

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