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I lost my first love and i am DESPERATE for him back, please help me?

i’m 14, i love this boy, we were together for 5 months, we lost our virginity to each other, he used to come with me to visit my mums grave, he used to help me through everything. But i was a bullsh!tter and an attention seeker but i’ve changed, and before i could prove that i changed, he broke up with me and said he doesn’t want a girlfriend. (hes said that to his ex’s last time). Please help, i’m hurting. Please give me advice for how to get him back

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    He chilled with you, but you changed from chill to pill. Why does he want to hang around with a pill? You SAY you have "changed" but, what is missing is YOU being a person in your own right that makes him WANT to hang out with YOU. So this is what you DO: It's springtime and almost summertime! Time to get busy being busy! There's the river or the lake, go swim at the lake or the river or the community pool this summer. Learn to swim laps and get fit. There's the road, get a bicycle and start pedaling each summer evening and get your legs strong and healthy. There's the summer "Concerts in the Park, get a blanket and a little lunchbox with a snack and a soda and go listen to music other than emo crap attack. I live in Northern California. Upcoming we have the Butterfly Festival, the Weekly Graffitti Night and Classic Car shows and parades, the summer 4th of July fireworks at the lake, and and the annual Watermelon BBQ. We have 4 county fairs in each direction of my home, and I mean north south, east west, there's a county fair coming up. Find out your local county fair and get a list of crafts to submit, and these next couple months, paint rocks, paint pumpkins, take pictures, print out your pictures and submit them into the county fair. He goes to the fair, he sees your name on a picture on the wall, he might think better of you. He sees you at the Concert in the Park, he might think about you. He sees you getting better at diving into the pool or jumping the breakers at the beach, he might think better of you. He sees you as a volunteer for "Help the Homeless" or church volunteer helping the kids at vacation bible school, he might think better of you. So that next year when you go back to school you have something interesting to bring to the lunch benches. "This summer I went to the classic car show and got a ride in a classic Ford Thunderbird." "This summer I went to the concerts in the park and heard a cool local band play." Then he thinks, "you do stuff now. It is okay to talk to you again like a person." And then you go from there. Or, you meet someone else at the Concert in the Park and get invited to concerts elsewhere. Either way, sitting at home crying gets you nothing.

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    If you really love him....set him free.

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